someone like you

Posted: September 8, 08 in lirik

Never thought you came into my life
It makes my life brighter
It makes my dreams come true

You bring life to everything i do
Our love is sincere
For the last forever

I love you
And you know my love is true
It will never end
Till the end of time

I will never find someone like you
But I have to go on and I still will go on
I will never find love like yours
And those sweet memories it will always last forever

Repeat all

lagunya si unge, hum, sbenernya sih lagu patah hati, tapi keren lah bisa di bikin jadi semanis ini….


  1. RATIHdian says:

    Wah emg ini lagu sedih yaa?? Mnurutku sh gak.. Mgkn karena irama’a gak mellow yaa layak’a lagu sedih, hehe..

    Btw, saya pulang’a mah nnt mjelang lebaran. Baru libur h-4 ko..

    Irama’a mang swing jazz gt,, kya lgu2’a ten2five,, mang arrange’a anak2 ten2five ko,, tpi sbner’a lgu’a jg gag sdh ko,, walopun lg patah hati.. 🙂

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