nothing can stop us now- Rick price

Posted: September 16, 08 in lirik, sTraWbeRry quw... ^_^

Soft as a rainbow
like a stardust and moonglow
I see the love in your eyes
Like autum leaves falling and the first life of morning
It came to my surprise
True love calls just once in a lifetime

Why should we wait when now the right time

#Nothing can stop this love we’re making
Nothing can stand in our way
Nothing can block this road we’ve taken
Nothing can stop us now

The joy of surrender
so strong yet so tender
I give my heart to you
You know you can trust me and that’s how it must be
No matter what we do
Faithfull friends and lovers forever
Right to the end we’ll always be together,

#Nothing can…

When love comes sweetly to your door
Embarace completely
What’s your soul is longing for

#Nothing can stop…

wew.. si ***** lagi suka lagu yang ini,,  kata’a ni lg bwt kta… heuheuheu… :p ok lah, bisa di terima.. 🙂 asal jangan terlalu kebawa prasaan aja…. :p

  1. Semut says:

    I’ll always be there.
    I’d give anything and everything.
    And I will always care.
    Through weakness and strength, happyness and sorrow, for better or worse,
    I will love you with every beat of my heart, till the end of time. Insya Alloh..

    hueeeehh….. segitunya,, jadi gag enak saiyah…

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